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Research for Palliative Care Clinicians


Intellectual Output 1: “Framework of Core Research Competencies for Palliative Care Clinicians”  EN, GR, SP, RO

The “Research for Palliative Care Clinicians” program with Ref. 2020-1-RO01-KA202-080128 is being performed within the context of Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships-VET as a joint venture of the following Institutions:

The program aims to introduce basic research competences to day-to-day practice of palliative care clinicians. Α curriculum will be designed and implemented (pilot phase) which will enable clinicians of all relevant specialties to value the importance of integrating research to clinical practice, to increase their research capacity both in reading/evaluating research and in conducting their own research and thus to improve the quality of the services provided to patients. Dissemination of the result will also be included in the project.

Duration: 2 years (1st December 2020 – 30th November 2022).