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Volunteering at Galilee Palliative Care Centre

Our volunteers are an important and invaluable resource for us.
Together we can provide the best possible care to our patients and their families.

How can I become a volunteer at  Galilee Palliative Care Centre?

There are no particular requirements to become a volunteer at Galilee. You do not need to have any particular professional experience or prior training.

Some of our existing volunteers were motivated by personal experience, which made them aware of the special needs of patients with cancer or other life-threatening diseases.

Our volunteers need only to have:

  • A cheerful and open-minded attitude
  • The willingness to learn, and to be open to continuous learning so as to be able to most effectively offer what is needed by patients in this critical period of their lives.
  • An understanding and acceptance of the spirit of palliative care, in accordance with “Galilee’s”
  • Successfully completed our own tailor-made 40-hour volunteer training programme.

What do you need to do if you want to become a volunteer?

  • Express your interest via e-mail and send it to  or call us on 210-6635955 (Extension15)
  • Have an interview with the Volunteer Service Manager
  • If your application is accepted, you will then attend and complete the 40-hour volunteer training programme that runs from October to June.
  • Once you have received your certificate of training, you will need to sign a volunteer contract and commitment to confidentiality and choose which area you would like to serve in.

During this process, prospective volunteers usually understand whether working in the palliative care field is for them or not, as it is not for everyone.

They will also learn about all the different areas of work, both patient-facing and non-patient-facing, and find out what interests them most and which team they would like to join. Volunteers who work directly with patients are required to attend the monthly Support Group, led by Galilee’s psychologist, the priest, and the volunteer service manager.