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Stories and comments from our visitors

I would like to thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity. You are doing amazing work, all of you. The short time I spent at Galilee Palliative Care Centre» restored my belief in humanity. It was a very important experience for me, and for this I will remain very grateful to you.

A.K., a student who spent one week volunteering at the Hospice in July 2018

Thank you for letting us join in this festive occasion with you today. Your joy, vitality, and optimism were infectious! For in life it’s how we deal with difficulties that matters, not the difficulties themselves. We will pray for you and you for us. Bon courage!

Military Nursing Academy 16/02/2017

During my visit today I was wondering about one thing. How do you feel? How should one feel if one “dares” to say that one is going to focus one’s energy on others. You have to put aside the reasoning that would normally prevent one from “losing one’s time on an incurable case”. What strength, what feeling, moves you? What motivates you, what makes you do all that you do?

Nursing university student, University of the Peloponnese, 31/05/2106

Your humanity, and all this voluntary help—what a worthy example for us children to see. Bravo to you! When I grow up I want to become like you and to help others who are in real need generously


I feel a sense of relief; all my thoughts and dreams for a better world are real, and others share them too. It is very important to give your soul for another soul. It is difficult to take on such a burden and to manage a patient as a whole, as a person. May your work continue and be constantly renewed, and may it be imitated elsewhere. When we give all our love to those who need us, we get back much more than we give. A warm gesture, a hug, a word of thanks, or a word of love is our strength. Whether healthcare professionals or not, we first change ourselves so we can change the world. You have really moved me. So People with a capital P do exist. I wish you strength in your work. Let us each give a piece of our soul to cover the gaps and needs of all those who need us

Nursing Department, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, 23/02/2016

Selfless giving to one’s fellow man is the medicine for all conditions

P., Nursing Department, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, 28/05/2015

Thank you for your kind hospitality.

Specialised Psychiatric Nurse, Aigniteio Hospital, Athens, 8/11/2013

Your work is pioneering in Greece.  Congratulations on your organisation, your humanity, and your patience

Specialised psychiatric nurse, Aiginiteio Hospital, Athens, 8/11/2013

The aim of Galilee [Hospice] is to offer support, relief, and hope.  All of us got a sense of how vitally important your work is.

Student, Avgoulea Linardatou Secondary School, 10/12/2013

Warmth, peace, health

Student, Costeas-Geitonas School, 19/12/2013


Student, Costeas-Geitonas School, 19/12/2013