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Your gift can change the life of our patients

The cost of providing our services is more than one million Euros per year.  Patients receive care free of charge and we receive no support from the Greek National Health System.  In order to cover our budget, we rely on donations, gifts in kind, and fund-raising events.

No matter whether you make a donation in the memory of a loved one or whether you simply want to support our work, any donation makes a real difference to our patients and their families.

For example:

Will pay for a patient’s meals for one day at the hospice
Will pay for a home visit by our physiotherapist, helping a patient to maintain their mobility, strength, and independence
Pays for a doctor to pay home visits for a day
Pays for one day’s residential care at the hospice

Find out how you can support the hospice financially and contribute to our important work of caring for others

Regular giving
Make a donation whenever you can
Make a donation in memory of your loved one
Corporate Donations

Regular donations, at intervals chosen by you, ensure that the hospice can continue to offer its services to patients and their families completely free of charge. 

You can also support the “Galilee’s” work by making a donation of any amount to the below accounts:



In Euros (€): IΒΑΝ: GR35 0110 0870 0000 0875 5803 072, BIC: ETHNGRAA

In US dollars ($): IBAN: GR47 0110 0872 0000 0876 1560 104, BIC: ETHNGRAA



In Euros (€): ΙΒΑΝ: GR51 0140 2830 2830 0200 2002 174, BIC: CRBAGRAAXXX



In Euros (€): ΙΒΑΝ: GR40 0260 3340 0008 7020 0557 977, BIC: ERBKGRAA



In Euros (€):  6048149050986 (IBAN:58 0171 0480 0060 4814 9050 986, BIC:PIRBGRAA)

To receive a thank you letter and receipt, please send your details to: finance@galilee.gr

Even the smallest amount makes a real difference to our patients and their families.

  • €5 pays for one month’s craft materials at the day care centre. Give patients the opportunity to be creative.
  • €15 will pay for a home visit by our physiotherapist, helping a patient to maintain their mobility, strength, and independence
  • €100 pays for a professional psychologist to provide psychological and emotional support to our health professionals every two weeks

Instead of flowers and wreaths many people prefer to make a donation to Galilee Palliative Care Centre in memory of their loved one, and encourage their family and friends to do the same.

You can ask for one of our volunteers to be present at the funeral and to collect donations.

Read here about how we ensure the financial transparency of the process.

The funeral or memorial service does not need to be for a patient of Galilee. The only prerequisite is that the family wishes to support us in this way.

If you want us to bring a collection box to a service:

  • Let us know the date and time of the service. We will also need your contact details and some information about the person who has died.
  • One of our volunteers will bring a locked collection box to the ceremony.
  • We will provide envelopes for donations, and short forms to be completed by donors, who will each receive a receipt and a thank you letter.
  • Information leaflets about Galilee Palliative Care Centre will be available so donors can read about where their money will be going.
  • Let us know if you wish to be present when the seal is removed, the collection box opened, and the collection is counted. In order to ensure transparency the box is opened on the day after the service by a group of three people.
  • After about two weeks all donors will receive their receipt and thank you letter in the post. The family of the deceased will also receive a letter and details of the donations made in the name of their loved one.

For more information call us on (+30) 210-6635955 (Extension 15)

You can also make a donation to our bank account(s)  or in person at”Galilee”

For more information about how to make a donation in memory of your loved one, please contact us on (+30) 210 6635955 or at galilee@galilee.gr.

Many companies and charitable foundations support our work as part of their corporate social responsibility programme.

They support us in several ways:

  • The cost of building and equipping the hospice was paid for in its entirety by donations from foundations, companies, and individuals.
  • The biggest benefactors “adopted” rooms or beds by paying for the respective costs involved. We thank all those foundations, companies, and individuals who have funded the construction of the hospice.
  • Foundations and companies have pledged to fund ongoing running costs, either by offering their services free of charge or through financial donations or donations in kind.
    • Some companies pay for the cost of employing one nurse and one doctor.
    • Real Consulting provides our operations management software.
    • Meals for patients and their carers are donated by 401 General Military Hospital of Athens and Vlachaki Eggs.
    • The cost of laundry services are met by 401 General Military Hospital of Athens
    • The management of hospital waste at the hospice is provided free of charge by Apotefrotiras A.
  • The energy-saving solar power system, the hydromassage bath, the van for patients’ transportation and the entire hospice portable equipment (beds, furniture, medical instruments, household items etc) were donated by the Stavros Niarchos
  • Several other companies and foundations make regular donations to pay for some of our running costs.
  • Smart Battery donates a percentage of the revenue from one of its products.

Contact us on 210-6635955 to discuss how you could also support our work as part of your corporate social responsibility programme.