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Why should I become a volunteer?

Why should I become a volunteer?

  • Time spent volunteering is time well spent
  • Through palliative care volunteering you will be emotionally rewarded. It would not be an exaggeration to say that you will feel as though you are getting more back than you are giving.
  • You will be supporting others going through a difficult period in their lives with your time, your caring, and your skills.
  • You will become part of an enthusiastic and close-knit team, who are united by a common vision and ethos. You will develop strong relationships and make new friends.
  • You will have fun, spend your time creatively, and become a more active member of the local community.
  • You will improve your skills, knowledge, and CV.

How much time will I spend volunteering?

The time you spend volunteering varies from person to person.  Some volunteering activities only take up a short time, while others involve dedicating regular blocks of your time. The minimum hours of service required is 20 hours per year, though nearly all of the volunteers give many more hours than that to Galilee. Each volunteer states from the start which activities he would like to participate in. He will then stay in close touch with the coordinators of those areas of service, giving feedback , asking for support, and abiding by the boundaries of his role..  In 2019,the work hours provided by our volunteer team as a whole, together with some friends of Galilee,  were over 19,000 hours-  the  equivalent to almost nine  more full-time employees.

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