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Φροντίδα στον Ξενώνα (Hospice)

“Galilee” is a reference Palliative Care Center, the only Centre in Greece providing comprehensive free of charge Palliative Care services to adult patients with cancer or motor neuron disease (ALS) introducing a specialized multidisciplinary approach.

“Galilee” supports patients and their families throughout the course of their disease, by holistically addressing all implications (physical, psychosocial, spiritual) associated with the illness or the relevant therapy. It aims to improve the quality of life of patients and to ascribe value to every moment. “Galilee’s” services are offered by a range of specially trained health care professionals and volunteers.

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“Galilee” Palliative Care Center was founded in 2010 by His Eminence, the Metropolitan Nikolaos of Mesogaia & Lavreotiki and operates under the auspices of the Holy Metropolis of Mesogaia & Lavreotiki. “Galilee’s” compass is settled to point towards the person who suffers, regardless of nationality, religious background and financial or insurance status. Our vision is for Palliative Care to be accessible by every patient who needs it in Greece, as it is the case in many other countries.

Our Services

Palliative Care promotes patient’s dignity and respects all aspects of life. “Galilee” aims to preserve patient’s autonomy with the least possible dependence on caregivers. Our goal is for the patient to maintain the ability to be functional and be able to actively participate in everything he/she loves.

Our services for patients are:

Our services for caregivers are:

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Our people

“Galilee’s” staff consists of 56 people who share the same vision and bring it to day-to-day clinical practice. Both Health Care Professionals and Administrative Staff participate in an ongoing educational program aiming to unceasingly upgrade the quality of services provided.

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Volunteers are a very important and valuable to “Galilee’s” overall work. Volunteers collaborate closely with the Health Care professionals in various action areas, contributing to the improvement of patient quality of life.

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Quality & Transparency

“GALILEE” follows a quality management system, based on international standards and certified by TÜV Hellas (ISO 9001). At the same time “GALILEE” has received a special certification from the National Centre for Social Solidarity as a non-profit, Primary Social Care service provider.

In order to ensure transparency and sound financial management, an annual audit is carried out by “Bakertilly” Chartered Accountants firm.

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Up until now, we have taken care of thousands of people (patients and their caregivers) in the area of the Holy Metropolis of Messogaia & Lavreotiki, but also in Attica area, relying on donations and sponsorships.

Please help us to continue our work by donating to “GALILEE”.