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Welcome to Galilee Palliative Care Centre


“GALILEE” is a Prototype Palliative Care Unit, the only center in our country that provides free Palliative Care services to patients with cancer and motor neuron disease (ALS) through a specialized multidisciplinary approach.

Palliative Care creates a feeling of security for patients, since they are not alone in the disease but are accompanied by people with specialized knowledge and love, that support them and help them cope with everyday difficulties, worries and fears.


Palliative Care Services

Depending on the specific needs and desires of each patient who enters a Palliative Care program,
care can be provided in one or more of the available services.

Care at Home

Most patients with a life-threatening illness wish to be cared for at home.  Our home-care team is here to fulfil that wish.

Day Care Centre

It can be a great help to share difficulties with people who understand and to spend time with others in creative and inspiring ways.


Our residential unit is a well-equipped and modern care facility where our specialised and caring staff provides palliative care free of charge to patients who want to stay here for a variety of reasons.


Good training leads to good care and that is why we have provided training opportunities to health professionals as well as to the community right from the start.

Support for Caregivers

Family and friends often take on the essential role of caring for and supporting patients.  Caregivers are very important to patients and to the state of their health, but they also face many difficulties during the course of the patient’s illness.

Bereavement Support

We are here to support you during your bereavement for as long as you need us, to help you cope with all those different feelings emotions that you are naturally experiencing as a result of the loss of your loved one.


Vision and Aims

The vision of all of us at “Galilee” is for palliative care in Greece to be made the right of every patient who needs it, as it is in other countries.

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Latest News

2nd “POREIA OF GALILEE”. You can take part too!

We invite you to the start of the 2nd " POREIA OF GALILEE ".
All together lets embrace and provide comfort for cancer patients. We start with a symbolic walk and celebration. 18 June 20:00, Municipal Hall of Pallini, Gerakas.