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Welcome to Galilee Palliative Care Centre


“GALILEE” is a Prototype Palliative Care Unit, the only center in our country that provides free Palliative Care services to patients with cancer and motor neuron disease (ALS) through a specialized multidisciplinary approach.

Palliative Care creates a feeling of security for patients, since they are not alone in the disease but are accompanied by people with specialized knowledge and love, that support them and help them cope with everyday difficulties, worries and fears.


Palliative Care Services

Depending on the specific needs and desires of each patient who enters a Palliative Care program,
care can be provided in one or more of the available services.


Vision and Aims

The vision of all of us at “Galilee” is for palliative care in Greece to be made the right of every patient who needs it, as it is in other countries.

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Latest News

3rd “POREIA OF GALILEE”. You can take part too!

We invite you to the start of the 3rd ” POREIA OF GALILEE “.
Let’s embrace and provide comfort for cancer patients. We start with a symbolic walk and a concert celebration. 15 September 19:30, Holy Church of Analipsi (Ascension), Koropi

Our commitment to provide high quality services

Integrating quality management principles in our operations, has direct impact on the services we provide, the health and safety of our patients, staff and volunteers. We have successfully completed the annual ISO 9001:2015 surveillance inspection of Galilee Quality Management System by TUV Hellas.

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Volunteer Training Programme 2024-2025

Volunteers are important and valuable partners in Galilee’s work. Volunteers collaborate with all our staff and contribute to improving the quality of life of patients and their families through various areas of activities. If you are interested in becoming one of the volunteers who will join our team, please register for the Volunteer Training Program 2024-2025.