anagnhostiko tis galilaias
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Become a Corporate Donor

A social responsibility programme becomes an act of love for our patients and their family

Become Corporate Donors by:

Funding part of the operating costs of Galilee’s Unit
By donating money or providing services free of charge.

Supporting one of our services (Daycare Center, Care at home, etc.)
By sponsoring one of our services for a period of time, paying the salary of a health care worker, covering travel expenses of health care workers, ensuring the cost of consumables and other materials etc.

Adopting one of “Galilee’s” actions
“Poreia of Galilee” (Symbolic walk for Cancer and ALS patients), the Make-a-wish Boat and many other actions can be fully adopted, or supported on a yearly or permanent basis, by corporate sponsorship(s).

Fostering one of our events
Whether it’s an arts event, a holiday bazaar, a lottery, or any other type of event, donating items and services, as well as covering some of the costs is important to its success.

Creating a special corporate event (in your stores, or with your staff)
Donating part of the income, from selling a product or service, to “Galilee”, creating a specially designed promotion online or at point of sale, organizing a corporate charity event, etc.

If you are an institution or an association, you could donate part of the income from performances, sporting events, seminars, exhibitions, concerts that you organize to support the causes of Galilee.

Big Sponsors

Permanent Sponsors of Operating needs

Sponsors of Actions & Activities