Centre for Day Care and Occupational Therapy

The Center for Day Care and Occupational Therapy of the Galilee Unit opened its doors on 3rd November 2011 and is organized and staffed by trained volunteers, with the presence and participation of a nurse.

Twice a week, in a specially configured area in the Unit, as many as ten of the patients who are able to, come for occupational therapy, as well as for company and a welcome change of environment. The patients arrive at the Unit by their own transport or if need be, with the assistance of trained volunteers. The patients have the opportunity to take part in activities for about four hours. These activities include arts and crafts, discussions, art lessons, singing, etc as well as excursions twice a year. They also have access to personal care, hydrotherapy and a small hair dressing salon. Beyond the activities themselves, there are opportunities for socializing and sharing experiences and emotions. This also offers the opportunity for respite for the family and carers.

The patients are provided with a meal, prepared by the volunteers, and at the end of their stay they are accompanied back to their homes. The Day Care program. is provided independently or in conjunction with the home care program.

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