anagnhostiko tis galilaias
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Archontariki Meetings – Open days

Come and find out about subjects related to the impact of a serious illness on our lives.  The difficulties and challenges we face in our lives and relationships, and how to deal with them.  How we can make our lives better and more meaningful even in the midst of the difficult times, what palliative care is and how it can offer us quality of life at every moment until the end.

Galilee Palliative Care Centre began holding Archontariki meetings in September 2015 with the aims of:

  • Explaining what palliative care is.
  • Providing an opportunity for open discussions on subjects related to illness, life and death, breaking taboos, and preparing caregivers for what they will be called to do in their role.
  • To avoid incorrectly associating Galilee Palliative Care Centre with death, but rather for it to be associated with life and the quality of life in each moment.
  • To provide an open door for the community, so that the community can get to know us and establish a relationship with us.
  • To help members of the community to feel part of the Galilee Palliative Care Centre and  to believe that “Galilee” is an important part of their community.

These open discussion meetings are held approximately once a month between September and June on Sunday evenings between 6.30pm and 8pm, and each meeting focuses on a different subject.  The events are organised and led by members of the interdisciplinary team and our volunteers.

The meetings are warm and friendly, and we want participants to enjoy themselves, apart from learning from the discussions. In addtion to serving home-made refreshments, the evenings often feature music, drama or film.