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Transformational Leadership Programme

One of our main aims is to train, inspire, and empower nurses who will then go on to be future leaders in palliative care and improve the care and life of patients with life-threatening diseases.

In collaboration with Merimna and the Development and Improvement of Nursing Care System Lab at Athens University, we organised a year-long Transformational Leadership Programme.  The aim of this training course, the first of its kind to take place in Greece, is to develop leadership skills in nurses who work in the palliative care field.

The programme is designed for nurses who have experience in the care of patients with chronic and life-threatening diseases.

The programme aims to empower palliative care nurses, with a view to improving the quality of care provided to patients with life-threatening diseases and their families.

The first part of the course was delivered in person, followed by online monthly mentoring meetings between January and  December 2017.  Each participant then wrote up a study paper focusing on advancing palliative care provision in Greece.  The purpose of the online meetings was for course leaders to monitor students’ progress, as well as to provide guidance on their individual study papers.  The second part of the course took place over the week of 14-18 January 2018, with 40 hours of tuition.  The subject units in this week focused on good leadership practice, the skills and qualities of a good leader, advocacy, conflict management, change management, and self-care.

At the end of the course each student gave a presentation on their research study, as well as their journey as emerging leaders over the year.