anagnhostiko tis galilaias
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Companionship for our Patients

Why do we need your help?

Some of “Galilee’s” patients have limited support from their social environment and are in need of companionship.

  • Our experienced volunteers visit patients in their home, listening and sharing , or simply being a quiet, caring presence
  • The volunteer’s visit to a patient is often a needed respite for the caregiver
  • When a patient is hospitalized, he may also want company and comfort from a volunteer, thereby also giving a few hours off to family members
  • Volunteers may also visit patients in the hospice who request it, for company or sharing some activity

What can you gain as a volunteer?

  • The quiet joy of accompanying someone on their difficult journey
  • Building a relationship of trust with the patient, and often with family members
  • The relief of sharing the burden…