anagnhostiko tis galilaias
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Organising and taking part in events

At “Galilee”, throughout the course of the year, many events are held , whether on our initiative or by the proposal of Friends of “Galilee” who support our work, in order to promote palliative care, volunteering, the needs of patients and families etc.

What is the purpose of the events?

  • For Galilee’s work to become known
  • To support the goals of our Centre economically
  • For “Galilee’ to become a prototype as a Palliative Care Centre
  • To make known the meaning and philosophy of palliative care in Greece

How can you help?

You can take on an active role in organizing an event…

  • Helping with coordinating the event
  • Preparing the event centre
  • Taking on the communication with various parties involved
  • To talk with visitors and inform them about the work of “Galilee”

Also, “Galilee” always honors the visitors by serving various sweets and snacks during the events. You, too, could prepare something to offer, or serve coffee, tea and more at the buffet

What are the benefits for “Galilee”?

In addition to promoting palliative care and the work of “Galilee”, we also contribute to the economic support of the Centre. The “Galilee Collection Box” is accompanied to events by volunteers who serve as both advocates and fundraisers.