anagnhostiko tis galilaias
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Work at our Reception Desk

Why do we need your help?

When “Galilee’s” receptionist is off duty, volunteers offer their time in evenings, weekends and holidays manning the reception of “Galilee” for the smooth running of the Centre. The person at the reception is the “face” of “Galilee” to visitors and must have the corresponding  knowledge and approach.

You will be receiving:

  • The visitors of our patients
  • Those who support “Galilee”, and those who want to learn more about us
  • Those who are in need of our care

Serving at the Reception of the Hospice:

  • You will welcome the beloved friends and family members of our patients
  • You will be answering the telephone
  • You will be passing on important information to the responsible person or department of “Galilee”
  • Thanks to you, people interested in palliative care and “Galilee” will be able to receive information every day and after hours
  • You will give life and light with your presence at the Hospice, with your compassion, courtesy and dedication to “Galilee”