anagnhostiko tis galilaias
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Nursing Department, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, 23/02/2016

I feel a sense of relief; all my thoughts and dreams for a better world are real, and others share them too. It is very important to give your soul for another soul. It is difficult to take on such a burden and to manage a patient as a whole, as a person. May your work continue and be constantly renewed, and may it be imitated elsewhere. When we give all our love to those who need us, we get back much more than we give. A warm gesture, a hug, a word of thanks, or a word of love is our strength. Whether healthcare professionals or not, we first change ourselves so we can change the world. You have really moved me. So People with a capital P do exist. I wish you strength in your work. Let us each give a piece of our soul to cover the gaps and needs of all those who need us