anagnhostiko tis galilaias
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Comments and stories from our patients

I would like to thank you on behalf of my father for the moments you spent with him and with us, of course, supporting us psychologically. Εspecially I would like to thank the health care professionals who listened to him with so much love every time they visited. They were always by our side and generously offered us their knowledge but also their love. Their visits were not simply professional, but exhibited human empathy. I really congratulate you for your work and the values you have taught us during the time that you have been with us, and I wish that you continue this great work to those who need it.
When you are at a state hospital you can’t wait to find out when you are going to get the OK to leave. Here everything works so perfectly that you don’t want to leave
In the midst of our misfortune and in our darkest hour, we had the good fortune to get to know the hospice
The hospice is wonderful, just like the people who work there. You made us feel as if we were at home. We felt surrounded by love
We thank you for your humanity and the excellent services you provided to our aunt
The care, smiles, and everything you gave us meant a great dealt to us—palliative care indeed! We wish you every success in this important work
The interest, conscientiousness, and love shown by everyone who works at the hospice was for our relative a real sigh of relief and for us a real help, relief, and comfort
Thank you very much for everything. I felt as though I was among family, as if I were at home. Everyone treated me with the utmost graciousness. May God bless you
When I come to the day care centre I am filled with courage and strength. People look after me. Here I can forget everything, I learn new things; I can speak about my problems. Here there are people who will listen to you
Not to feel pain, not to feel pain, not to feel pain – that is my wish


Not to feel pain, not to feel pain, not to feel pain – that is my wish