• The Reading Book of Galilee
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Comments and stories from our patients

You have to believe, because if you don’t believe nothing will work
When I had no hope of receiving any help, when I was facing the abyss, God sent you
To say thank you is not enough. You cannot understand how much you have done for us
I feel safe when you are here
Thanks to your team my mother died with dignity
It’s even better than the Hilton Hotel!
The name of the house of care is… Galilee.
We thank you so much for the great care for both patient and family. From the doctors, nurses, assistant nurses, kitchen staff, cleaners, priests. Everyone was amazing. |Bravo! To all the Donors, small and large. Thank you for helping my mother to have a peaceful and dignified death.
If only in some way yourwork could become more well-known and more such centres developed so that you could continue to selflessly offer care to patients with such genuine love, giving psychological support to both families and patients.