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Tzimas Chris

tzimas christos
Home Care Nurse

Graduating from the School of Health and welfare professions A. T. E. I of Lamia in 2009 he fulfils his military obligations and from 2011 until recently he worked for a private Hospital in Athens. Alongside his studies, he attended many major conferences such as the 3rd Panhellenic and 2nd Pan-European scientific and professional nursing Congress of Ioannina. Starting his work, he joined the continuous training of inpatient seminars and courses for a private Hospital in Athens with issues such as inpatient infections, CPR etc. reaching himself to present his work presenting for the first time the clinical assessment tool Early Warning Score. He worked the first four years on an oncology-hematological floor and then in the emergency department. He has attended the interdisciplinary seminar “Basic Principles in Palliative Care” organized by “Galilee”. Since May 2018, he has been working for “Galilee”.