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Chatzimitakou Maria-Helen

chatzimitakou maria elena
Social Worker at the Galilee Palliative Care Centre.

After graduating from the Department of Social Work in the Faculty of Health and Caring professions of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens in 2017, she completed two field practice placements at «Childrens’ Institution Georgiou & Ekaterina Chatzikonsta» and at the Social Service of the «General Hospital for Children Pan & Aglaia Kuriakou». Additionally, she completed her six-month internship in the Social Service of the Special Education Laboratory “Margarita” with which she cooperates externally in a program of “socialization skills and enhancement of skills in adults with Down syndrome and their families”. Moreover, she has worked in the refugee field, at a host structure for unaccompanied minors for seven months. She is currently doing the master’s degree of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens in” Social Neuroscience, Social Pedagogy & Education”. In 2017, she attended an interdisciplinary course on “Basic Principles in Palliative Care” which was organized by «Galilee». She has been working with the Galilee Palliative Care Centre since March 2020.