anagnhostiko tis galilaias
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Avgetidou Eleni


Following her studies, at the Universities of Ulm and Tuebingen (Germany), she specialized in General Medicine at University Hospitals in Stuttgart, at a Clinic in Bavaria and at a Surgery of General Family Medicine.  She holds a doctorate from Ulm University. She has also trained in ultrasound scans of the upper and lower abdomen and of the thyroid glands, (at the University Hospitals of Munich and Stuttgart), in nutrition (with the German Society of Nutritional Medicine) and in acupuncture (with the German Society of Medical Acupuncture). She worked for two and a half years at her own private practice in Germany. She attended the Seminar on Palliative Care at the Hellenic Centre of Biomedical Ethics and has participated in international Seminars as a trainee. Since January 2011 she has been working for “Galilee”.