The Galilee Project

Phase One : Home Care
The first phase commenced in March 2010 with a pilot scheme providing home care services for an average of twenty patients a week. The specially trained healthcare personel, in cooperation with a group of volunteers, make regular planned visits to the patients’ homes where they provide medical and nursing services, assess health care needs and problems, dress wounds, administer drugs, provide physiotherapy and education in personal hygeine and deliver palliative therapy. At the same time psychological, social and spiritual support is offered to the patient and his or her family.

Phase Two: A Centre for Day Care and Occupational Therapy
The second phase involved the creation of a Centre for Day Care and Occupational Therapy. The outpatient consulting rooms and hydrotherapy facility have been in operation since June 2010. These provide palliative care services to patients who are able to walk and to their families. The Day Care Center offers occupational therapy and company in a specially designed area since 3rd November 2011. This is organized and staffed by trained volunteers, always with the presence of a health care professional, member of the multidisciplinary team. Here patients can spend some enjoyable hours (10:00-14:00), socializing with other patients and volunteers, playing games, singing and participating in craft and art projects, and sharing their experiences and problems.

Phase Three: The creation of a Hospice
The third phase concerns the creation of a Palliative Care Hospice
In line with internationally recognized standards of palliative care, our aim, once all the necessary care facilities are in place, is to offer each patient in accordance with his or her needs the choice between Home Care, Day Care or residential Hospice Care.

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