The Galilee Vision

The vision we all share is to make palliative care accessible in Greece to all patients who have need of it. More specifically, one of our immediate aims is to create a Hospice, a residential unit for palliative care, in addition to the services which we offer today through Home Care and the Centre for Day Care and Occupational Therapy. This would enable us to offer comprehensive care and accommodations to those who need it as happens throughout the world at Centers of Palliative Care. We are planning and working towards creating a residential centre of high specifications in which we can lovingly offer our specialized knowledge and experience to patients for periods during which for whatever reason they are not able to be cared for in their homes.

Our aspiration is to assist in creating other similar palliative care facilities in other areas of Attica and throughout Greece.

Our ultimate aim is to extend palliative care services not only to the cancer patients we care for now, but to other patient groups with life-threatening illnesses (neurological diseases, chronic kidney disease, etc).

As the palliative care team at Galilee, we work and give service, but above all we have the sense that we are being enriched with strength, knowledge and courage.

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