Home Care

Once a patient or his family has made an application for inclusion in the program and an assessment has been made, he or she is allocated to a team consisting of a doctor, a nurse, a social worker, a physiotherapist and volunteers and, if so desired, a priest. Care for the patient is provided at his or her home, but at the same time patients have access to the facilities at the Centre for Day Care and Occupational Therapy.

Respect for the wishes and dignity of the patients is the guiding principle of the interdisciplinary team in planning the care for each patient. The success of the team’s work also depends on the family being kept informed and fully involved.

The doctors read the patient’s history, assess the various laboratory and imaging tests, make clinical examination of the patient, study the medication that has been given and, if necessary to relieve symptoms, review and adjust the medication.

The nurses, once they have assessed the nursing needs of the patient, undertake the necessary physical care, especially for patients who are bed-ridden; they dress wounds, bed-sores and stomata, take blood samples and educate the family in techniques for supporting the patient.

The social workers undertake a comprehensive assessment of the social needs and extend the support network available to the family. In this context they bring the patient and family members into contact with psychological and social support as well as their local parish and other health services (e.g. Health Centres, Home Help Programs, Social Security, Social Services, Mental Health Centres and other sources of assistance).

The physiotherapists work out an individual program for each patient involving kinesiotherapy, respiratory exercises, massage (e.g. Lymphedema massage), and hydrotherapy (which is carried out in the Galilee centre in Spata).

The priest, who is specially trained to serve the Galilee unit, will, if the patient so desires, provide spiritual support at home as well as at the Day Center.

The healthworkers in the Galilee unit cooperate on a daily basis with their colleagues in Hospitals, Health Centres, National Insurance Providers, Municipal Home Help programs, etc.

The Galilee P.C.U. is open during normal working hours, but there is telephone number for emergency needs arising out of hours. A member of the team is available to patients for telephone advice 24 hours a day on an emergency number. On average there are about four such calls every day from patients or their carers.

The Galilee team visits, assesses and cares for the patients on special home visits, nevertheless the prioritizing of the needs and the individual care plan for each patient is decided during the daily meeting of all the members of the team. Particular attention is given, in a way appropriate to each case, to informing the patient about his or her illness and about the assessment of its progress. Timely and careful attention is given to the preferences and desires of the patients in relation to where they wish to spend the last stages of their illness and in relation to cardiopulmonary resuscitation procedures, etc.

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