FAQs Volunteering

How do I become a volunteer at Galilee?
Contact the Volunteers Service Manager on 210-6635-955 to fill in an application form and make an appointment for an interview. At the interview we will provide you with general information about the Galilee P.C.U. and about the role of the volunteers, and the Galilee team will have a chance to meet you. The Introductory Training Program begins in October each year.

How much time do I need to devote as a volunteer in the Galilee Project?
Some volunteers are able to devote a lot of time, others less. At the beginning each volunteer declares which activities he or she would like to undertake. Once a week volunteers are asked to state their availability for the following week (days and hours) and they are invited to provide their services in accord with the needs that arise each week. They are also required to report to the Volunteer Service Manager on their services and fill in a written form of their service, hours offered and comments. The minimum service of a volunteer would be an average of three hours per month.

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