The Activities of Volunteers

There are many and varied opportunities for volunteers in the Galilee Project:

  • Volunteers who work closely with patients may transport patients when needed to and from the hospital, either to undergo treatment or for an appointment with their doctor.

  • Others visit patients at their homes or in hospital and keep them company.

  • Many volunteers participate in the Centre for Day Care and Occupational Therapy, both in organizing the activities, meals and transport, and providing stimulating company for the patients, helping them to take part in creative activities and   to enjoy the socializing. Much time is also spent in actively listening to the patients talk about their lives, their illness and their concerns.

  • Those equipped with the necessary knowledge help with the office work and technical support of the Unit, undertaking translations and organizing training programs and events.

  • Others become involved in making the work of Galilee known in the wider community, distributing publicity material to Pharmacists, Health Centers, Day Centers for the Elderly, Municipal Offices, etc. and organize events where Galilee’s work is presented to the community.

  • Volunteers are also involved in fund-raising activities and organize a Christmas Bazaar each year, which is also an opportunity for the local community to become acquainted with Galilee.

  • Many volunteers undertake to deal with various bureaucratic tasks on behalf of patients (obtaining details about benefits and pensions, taking blood samples to the microbiologist, or getting prescriptions from hospitals etc.), an enormous help to already-overburdened families.

  • In not a few cases volunteers are asked to take groceries and other daily essentials to Galilee patients who are without means of support.

  • The volunteers who work directly with patients are required to participate in the monthly Support Group, where experiences, possible difficulties and emotions are shared and supported, and Galilee policy and boundaries are reinforced. The group is coordinated by the Volunteer Coordinator, Galilee’s priest and one of the social workers.

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