Education and Research

Palliative care, unfortunately, is not an obligatory part of undergraduate medical training for doctors and nurses in Greece. Postgraduate courses are also of limited availability. A basic feature of education in this sector is interdisciplinary collaboration, a collective approach to the solving of problems and this all requires specific communication skills.

At Galilee basic and continuing training and education are essential for the provision of quality and ever- improving palliative care.

To promote these aims every year interdisciplinary training seminars in basic Palliative Care for health professionals are organized by Galilee as well as talks on topics of current concern as well as the training program for volunteers..

Since 2009 the Galilee Project has organized six interdisciplinary training seminars for health professionals taught by specialists from Romania. Continuing education provided by palliative care specialists through bi-monthly lectures. In 2011 a 40 hour basic training program in Palliative Care, communication skills and team work for volunteers was initiated. In 2012, a continuing education program for active volunteers was also established.

Alongside its educational work, the Galilee Unit is also developing its research activity.

The Galilee Unit staff have taken part in national and international conferences on palliative care, have presented papers and undertaken clinical studies on topics such as the recognition of the needs and problems of the patients and the assessment of carers’ satisfaction with the services provided. Members of Galilee participate, moreover, in the European ATOME Program which aims to find a balance between access to controlled drugs for medical use and avoidance of their illegal circulation and misuse.

Educational Visits to the Galilee Unit

To visit the Galilee Unit for educational purposes, please fill out the following application form and send it to us at the address shown: αίτηση.

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